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The BBB says government impostor scams are on the rise

June 7, 2022

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -The BBB scam tracker data shows victims of government grant scams lost more money in 2021 than in 2020.

“Government impostors did land 8th for the riskiest scam for 2021. However, the median loss for government impostor scam in $3,000. Victims are losing money to this because scammers are using the fear tactic that they are going to arrest you,” said Denise Groene.

One agency is being used more than others.

“Social Security administration is the most used agency when it comes to these government impostor scams. A lot of the times what these scammers will do is, they will contact someone by phone saying they are representing the SSA and their information has been corrupted by identity theft and a lot of time they will wrap up a story about criminal activity,” she said.

Right behind social security is medicare.

Groene says impersonators will try to gain access to your medicare number.

“It’s important to know that medicare is not going to call you over the phone or text any number.”

“If any government agency needs to get ahold of you, they are going to send you something via mail, so that’s your first red flag if you are getting a phone call,” she said.

Groene says government impostor scams have increased once the pandemic began.

“Over the past few years, they have been government relief programs, stimulus checks, grants that small businesses can apply for. These scammers use the confusion and lack of information unless research has been done to take advantage of them.”

Reina Flores, “The BBB says government impostor scams are on the rise”. June 6, 2022 WIBW, bbb-says-government-impostor-scams-are-rise/

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