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Google’s New Scam Detection Tools Provide Real-Time Alerts

In an era where phone scams are increasingly sophisticated, Google is stepping up to protect users with new scam detection tools. These tools are designed to provide real-time alerts during phone calls, helping to safeguard personal information and prevent fraud....

Hacker creates 1 million virtual servers to illegally mine crypto

A recent operation led to the arrest of a 29-year-old man in Ukraine, accused of orchestrating a vast cryptojacking scheme. This scheme involved the creation of one million virtual servers, crafted using compromised accounts, to mine cryptocurrency illegally. Europol...

Rise of the ‘Bait-and-Switch’ Scam on Social Media Platforms

An alarming trend has emerged on social media platforms where users' compassion is exploited by online scammers using what's known as a "bait-and-switch" technique. Initially, these posts present seemingly urgent scenarios, such as injured animals or missing...

On the hunt for the businessmen behind a billion-dollar scam

A global scamming network has robbed ordinary investors of more than a billion dollars. BBC Eye identified a shadowy network of businessmen who appear to be behind it. First, you hear a phone ringing. An elderly man answers. The caller introduces himself as "William...
Police warn of scam targeting teens

Police warn of scam targeting teens

Area police are warning of a new scam. This time targeting teenagers. According to a post from the New Richmond Police Department, scammers target teens using social media like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. The scammer pretends to be another teenager and requests...

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