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A couple years ago I was being treated for cancer. It was difficult to get appointments. The cancer center sent me a notice for an available time and date. It came via USPS. My neighbor has a slot for the mail through the front door. My neighbor was out of town for a month. My notice was laying in my neighbor’s living room floor because the mail was delivered to the wrong address. I missed the appointment and couldn’t get another one for over a month. Since then I experienced other problems. In August of 2018 someone mailed me a card with cash in it. To this day I never got it. Then my best friend had a gift certificate mailed and never got it. Using all ways to track something I found out the gift certificate was forwarded to an address not even on my street. When going to the local post office I found that federal employees can’t be fired. The last thing that happened was I got six pieces of someone else’s mail and when I ran up to the delivery person they said not my fault. I said can’t you read the envelope the response was not my fault. There should be further discussion about privatizing the postal service especially since postage is going to 55 cents and of January.

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 I have witnessed abuse of public internet use. People come into free WiFi locations and log in to the internet without paying for any food or drink. In one case at a Panaras a couple arrived around 7:30am and they were still on the internet when I left at 8:30am. I came back the same day to buy some bread and that couple was still using the free internet at 12:15pm. I wonder what they are doing on the internet for five hours. Are they trying to get free internet without even paying for any food or drink. Home internet is not that expensive. To stay at a coffee shop for five hours seems very questionable. With what I witnessed I wonder how much it is occurring throughout the country. With security cameras installed in most public places I wonder how that couple gets away sitting there so long. By the way I found that couple on numerous days using the WiFi without paying for anything.