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Huawei a China Telecommunications company has been found to be a serious security threat to Europe and the US. They offer inexpensive cell phones and computer equipment. Experts have found that the company technology allows monitoring all activity on all equipment they promote. Recently the Canadian government arrested a top executive of Huawei and the US is working to extradict her to America. Sales figures show Huawei as the second most sold provider of telecommunication equipment second to Samsung. They also have agreements with Nokia and Cisco. This is an example of China spying on the world.

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“Do you still answer unknown phone calls? If you’re anything like me, I typically ignore any call that’s coming from an unrecognized number. Why? Well, it’s most likely just another robocall or a telemarketing call. That’s unfortunate since there’s a chance that some of these calls are legitimate.

You are familiar with robocalls are, right? These are the annoying prerecorded telemarketing calls to landlines and wireless phones that seem to come from nowhere.

Telemarketing calls have been around forever, annoying us for decades, but now, robocalls are mostly downright deceptive and malicious. Quite a few robocall scams are even trying to rip you off or steal your identity.

This is why the explosion of robocall complaints is alarming. It’s a scourge that everyone can do without. But is there any relief on the horizon? Stick with me and I’ll tell you what you can do to protect yourself.

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According to a recent report from telecommunication provider Transaction Network Services, a third of all calls placed in the first half of 2018 were robocalls. Yep, one of three calls in 2018 were scams. That’s enough for more than 16.3 billion spam calls, and 2018 is not even over yet.

The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) also revealed that it gets 400,000 robocall complaints each day. And judging by the trends, it’s just going to get worse!

The First Orion Corporation, a company that provides spam call filters to various carriers, is predicting that 44.56% of all calls in 2019 will be spam and robocalls. Yep, almost half of all the phone calls you will be getting next year will be a scam or a telemarketing call.

That means the U.S. robocall plague is growing exponentially each year, and it’s getting worse!

2018’s most notorious robocalls

Had enough yet? Here are the most common robocall spam calls of 2018:

Neighborhood spoofing

One of the robocall techniques that’s increasingly getting more popular is a scam called “buy cytotec oral.”

With this scam, fraudsters will disguise their numbers with local numbers that appear to match your area code and 3-digit prefix.

By spoofing a local number, these spammers are hoping that there’s a better chance that their targets will pick up the call.

And neighborhood spoof calls don’t just harm the intended targets, they are also a big hassle to the owner of the spoofed number. Sometimes, you will even get a call that’s coming from your own number!

If your number was ever used as a spoof call disguise, expect unexpected return calls from the spam victims. These return calls are annoying since the owner of the spoofed number is not aware that a spam call was ever made from their number.

Another problem with neighborhood spoofing? Third-party spam call blocking apps are mostly ineffective against spoofed numbers since they only tend to blacklist known robocall numbers and not legitimate numbers.

Remember, legitimate phone numbers can be hijacked and used for neighborhood spoofing.

Government grants scam

Another popular robocall scam involves some sort of government grant.

What’s happening is, scammers are buy cytotec pills no prescription.

The fraudsters claim that the person who answers the phone is eligible for a free government grant. Many of the incoming phone numbers have a Washington, D.C., area code, so many people are falling for it.

There’s one catch. Before they receive the grant, victims are required to pay a processing fee. Typically, the victim is instructed to pay the fee using a prepaid debit card, an iTunes gift card, or a wire transfer.

It doesn’t end there. The fraudster then asks the victim to verify their name, address, employer and banking information, which will then be used for identity and credit card fraud.

Google SEO scam

If you own a small business, you need to watch out for the buy cytotec without a prescription in the united states.

With these fraudulent phone calls, scammers are pretending to be from Google and they’re warning business owners that their Google listing will disappear if they don’t pay for search optimization services.

Google specifically states that they “do not place robocalls” so if you receive a robocall announcing they are from the search giant, most likely it is a scam. Scammers also try to charge money for “inclusion in Google Search or Google My Business.”

IRS scam

The most common tax scam for years has been conducted over the telephone via a robocall.

A victim will receive buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec The fake IRS agent acts very aggressive and tells the victim they owe past taxes and fees that are due immediately.

Many times the victim is told an arrest warrant is going to be issued if they don’t pay ASAP. They are told to send money via wire transfer or prepaid debit card.

However, the IRS does not use unsolicited email, text messages or any social media to discuss your personal tax issue.

If you get a dubious IRS call of this sort, you can file a complaint using the buy online cytotec 200 mcg: choose “Other” and then “Impostor Scams.” If the complaint involves someone impersonating the IRS, include the words “IRS Telephone Scam” in the notes.

Chinese consulate scam

Here’s one strange robocall that’s going around. It has spread so quickly that the Federal Trade Commission warned everyone about it.

What’s happening is, buy cytotec. Those who answer the call are told they have a package at the local Chinese Consulate office. Or, they need to give them sensitive information to avoid being in trouble with the Chinese Consulate.

The scammer then asks for your credit card or banking information. Sometimes they say that you need to make a bank transfer to them.

No matter which version of the story you’re told, don’t fall for it. It’s a scam!

Here are other popular robocall scams you need to keep an eye on:

  • Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans)
  • Dropped call or no message
  • Vacation & timeshares
  • Warranties & protection plans
  • Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends
  • Medical & prescriptions (including health insurance offers)

Ways to stop robocalls

With scams and robocalls on the rise, you need to know how to deal with them. Here are some suggestions:

Use call blockers

Ask your phone service provider if it offers a robocall blocking service. If not, encourage your provider to offer one. You can also visit the buy cytotec 200mcg for information and resources on available robocall blocking tools to help reduce unwanted calls.

You can also try call blocking apps like buy cytotec online made in america or buy cytotec online ukbuy cytotec online without prescription from canada

Block unknown callers

Many phone companies allow you to block calls that don’t show a number on caller ID. Check with your provider to find out how to turn this feature on. Note: If someone you actually know calls you and blocks their outgoing number, their call won’t make it through if you’ve turned this feature on.

Don’t answer

This is actually the easiest solution to eliminating robocalls. If you receive a call from an unknown number or one that doesn’t show up on caller ID, don’t answer. If it’s an important call, the person will leave a message and you can get back to them.

Subscribe to the Do Not Call Registry

This move will stop many robocalls before they begin. If you’re on the registry, it’s illegal for many robocallers to call you. buy cytotec online without prescription to get your number into the National Do Not Call Registry. After your number is on the registry for 31 days, you can report unwanted sales calls.

Hang up

If you answer the phone and the caller (often a recording) asks you to hit a button to stop receiving calls, just hang up.Scammers often use these tricks to identify and target live respondents. Once they know the number is active, you will receive more calls in the future.

Taking the steps in this article will help cut back the number of robocalls that you receive. It could save you from falling victim to a scammer.”

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There needs to be an investigation on how entitlements are abused by thousands of people in this country. If you notice I didn't say citizens. I have witnessed many migrants are enjoying benefits designed to help Americans that really need assistance. It includes welfare and food stamps. Office staffing where benefits are approved are networked to approve non qualified people. I have witnessed this by talking with people I meet at coffee shops. It is shocking to realize how much money is paid to non citizens. WHAT A SCAM!! Wake up Washington DC.

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 I have witnessed abuse of public internet use. People come into free WiFi locations and log in to the internet without paying for any food or drink. In one case at a Panaras a couple arrived around 7:30am and they were still on the internet when I left at 8:30am. I came back the same day to buy some bread and that couple was still using the free internet at 12:15pm. I wonder what they are doing on the internet for five hours. Are they trying to get free internet without even paying for any food or drink. Home internet is not that expensive. To stay at a coffee shop for five hours seems very questionable. With what I witnessed I wonder how much it is occurring throughout the country. With security cameras installed in most public places I wonder how that couple gets away sitting there so long. By the way I found that couple on numerous days using the WiFi without paying for anything.

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I spend many hours each week grocery shopping. Prices are changing daily at numerous stores. Right now pineapples range from $1.29 to $4.00. The two for sales are clever as they increase the single price before they offer 2 for 1. Packaging is another scam. Reduce amount of item in package so prices stay the same. Ice cream doesn’t come 1/2 gallon anymore and potato chip bags are full of air. Gasoline used to change a penny or two once in a while. Now it can change 30 cents a gallon in one day. Very difficult to go shopping now. I feel you need a degree in economics to shop nowadays.


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I went to five Trump rallies in the last two years. I am amazed at the main stream media down playing how many people are in attendance.

Now that Trump has been in office two years and what he has done for this country you think the fake media would give Trump some credit.

They don’t report the news but spend all the air time trashing Trump. What has to happen to change the 90% negative news to stop!!

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This guy claimed himself as James Chan, was born in Singapore and studied at UK since 8 years old. Own few businesses in UK and owned a private jet.
I knew him from facebook, then we talk on whatsapp. He never do any video call with me, always said camera broken on his phone.

After couple weeks, he said sending me some money to help me out with loan. He gave info about his account manager, named Kelly Hauer and the bank called Global Inland Bank. First Kelly they will send you all the application forms, once account setup, there’s an account opening fee of USD5100. I made the transfer to another agent in the states not to the bank directly. Once they received the payment, a password with username was given. I saw he transfer USD one million into the account but when i starts to transfer the money it blocks me from doing that. So, I received the message from Kelly saying that USD23000 needed to activate the account in order to make a transfer. I was shocked and didn’t pay that as I cannot afford. Now the account is block.

While chatting with this guy, James, he told me he’s working at overseas and recently at china. First, he said he left his laptop at last work place and ask me for help to send him a apple laptop, which i did and he will give me a different shipping info (not sending him directly). Now he said he’s short of cash at china and needs USD 10000 to finish the project so he can come and see me. I didn’t send him the money and now he’s disappeared.

His phone number is +447513168938.