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There needs to be an investigation on how entitlements are abused by thousands of people in this country. If you notice I didn't say citizens. I have witnessed many migrants are enjoying benefits designed to help Americans that really need assistance. It includes welfare and food stamps. Office staffing where benefits are approved are networked to approve non qualified people. I have witnessed this by talking with people I meet at coffee shops. It is shocking to realize how much money is paid to non citizens. WHAT A SCAM!! Wake up Washington DC.

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I went to five Trump rallies in the last two years. I am amazed at the main stream media down playing how many people are in attendance.

Now that Trump has been in office two years and what he has done for this country you think the fake media would give Trump some credit.

They don’t report the news but spend all the air time trashing Trump. What has to happen to change the 90% negative news to stop!!